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its been a while
Its been a while hasnt it.  I been thru hell and back several times as well as thru good times.  I have however been unsuccessfully coaxing my muse awake until recently.  Rping has helped alot, and hopefully you will see my old fanfiction up, Possibly any original content.  But for now I am glad to be here

a very late hello
I didn't realize that i created this LJ page so long ago.  I will admit, i only created it so i could look at fanfiction and such, but now, i want to be able to share my fanfiction, some i will no longer work on, and the last one i worked on was 6 years ago, but i thought, well maybe some one will read it and comment and maybe i can fine tune my skills.  Im rambling i guess since i havent really done this kind of stuff at all lol.  But in a nutshell, once the stuff gets posted, take a look, and you can be brutal, i like to see just how far my skills were by others.